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Why you should get a ZiiiP Shaker today!
Smart Protein Shaker

Smart Protein Shaker

Use your protein on the go and mix it on demand. Just press the button on top, let the cup drop into the water and then shake it for a mix on the go; both smart and fresh!



Now it's over with bulky shakers. With this collapsable design you can make the shaker as small as your fist when collapsed. Made from Food grades BPA-free silicon it goes along with your active lifestyle. Shipped with a practicle ZiiiP Bag.

Smart Storage

Smart Storage

Where do you keep your belongings when working out? With ZiiiP Shaker you have a smart storage in the bottom for headphones, keys or supplements.


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How It works

How It works

The ZiiiP Shaker™ have many different features in its patent pending design. It can of course be used as a water bottle, but with the cup The ZiiiP Shaker™ becomes a great workout companion.

How The ZiiiP Shaker works:

The ZiiiP Shaker™ has 4 features that makes it unique in the market today.

Feature 1:

The lid of the shaker acts as a protein container. You get a cup that is used to scoop up the protein with you can also use the cup to the pre workout or why not fill it with water and freeze it and get an extra chilled drink to sweaty workout. The possibilities are endless.

Once you have filled the cup click it under the lid. Then when you are ready to use the protein just press the button and the container drops into the shaker then shake, done!

Feature 2:

Instead of opening the drinking lid up as traditional shakers and risk to get the lid on your forehead while drinking we have developed a much flexible way. What we have done is we have turned everything around, our lid opens downwards most because so that you will not have to get lots of protein in your face. The drinking lid works both as a hook that you can place on the body or machines during workout and to protect the bottle from leakage.

Feature 3:

It is this that makes the shaker to The ZiiiP Shaker™. The actual bottle is made of 100% Food Graded BPA Free silicone, it's microwave safe, dishwasher safe and odor free It’s the most environmentally friendly shaker on the market today. Thanks to the great design with rounded edges, all the old stains are easy to clean out. The patent pending design makes The ZiiiP Shaker™ collapsible so you can collapse it to the size of your fist and carry it on easier before and after your workout.

Feature 4:

We all have experienced the problem where to place our key / headphones etc. during training. What we have done with The ZiiiP Shaker™ is added a smart storage in the bottom of the Shaker for headphones, keys or supplement all packaged in a sleek design.

At Kickstarter you can choose if you want The ZiiiP Shaker™ shipped with a ZiiiP Bag, where you can store your Shaker before and after use. The bag is 100% leakage proof and on the top of the bag you'll have additional storage for your money or gym card. The ZiiiP bag can be clipped to your clothes or backpack with the safety hook.

In terms of safety, silicone have a good track record, especially because it's safer for human health than plastic. It does not react with food or beverages, or produce any hazardous fumes and is odor and stain resistant. The material itself is there for hygienic and hypoallergenic with no open pores to harbor bacteria.

Silicone makes The ZiiiP Shaker™ more environmentally friendly than all plastic shakers on the market today. Silicone is widely used in cooking because it's nonstick, stain-resistant, very durable and tolerates extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, without melting, cracking or otherwise degrading. Silicone is very durable so you won't have to worry about disposed for a long time even when it's used frequently, so even after a lifetime of use it can be recycled afterwards.

Capacity: 20 oz./600ml water.
Powder Capacity: 3.4 oz./100ml/85g (approx)

The Story

The idea came from the lack of practical shakers on the market. They are bulky, not smart when it comes to protein mixing and you still have to have all these things with you when working out. The shaker has looked the same for over 30 years. We wanted to have a shaker that lets you have your protein with you all the time and have smart storage for the small things that you just have to bring with you.

The active lifestyle we have, didn't had a smart solution.

The shakers on the market today starts to smell because of protein stains that you can't wash out. You need to buy a new one regularly which in the end just becomes expensive.

With The ZiiiP Shaker™ we have solved the protein mixing problem, cleaning problem, as well as the portability with the collapsing design. We have also fixed the storage problems with the smart compartment in the bottom. Everything in a beautiful design that you just can't take your eyes from.

We have redefined the shaker.


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